What to Know Before You Have HVAC Installation Done

For those who have older HVAC systems, the reality is that a modern system is going to be more efficient than the one you have. In most homes, nearly half of your energy bill each month is going toward your heating and cooling. With a modern HVAC system, you’ll save money over a longer period of time. But before you jump into getting a new HVAC installation near Wildwood, consider the following things.

Have Your System Inspected

It’s always an excellent idea to have your HVAC system inspected before choosing to replace it. It may be possible that a repair will work just as well and save you a bundle. Experienced technicians can also provide information on what system will work best for your ducts and vents. Always ask for a written estimate for the work that is recommended. You can always speak with additional technicians to determine who you want to go with.

Determine What Size HVAC You Need

You might think that the largest HVAC system is the best for any house, but that isn’t true. If the system is too large, you’ll notice it spends less time doing its job. This can raise the humidity levels in your home. On the other hand, a system that is too small won’t keep your home at the temperature you are most comfortable with. When you talk to a contractor who does HVAC installation near Wildwood, you can ask for advice about what the right size HVAC system is for you.

Consider Filters and Thermostats

Most of the HVAC systems available today can use permanent or disposable filters. Think about which is right for you. One requires you spend time cleaning the filters on a regular basis, while the other means tossing the filters on a regular basis and buying new ones. As far as thermostats go, you may want to consider a programmable option. Make sure the HVAC system you choose will work with whichever thermostat you ultimately go through. Ask the technician what options you have so you’re fully aware before any installation is done.

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