Don’t Ignore These Signs That’s It’s Time for AC Repair

Unsure if it’s time to call for Lancaster AC repair? Sometimes, it’s a tough call to make, and no one wants to spend money on a service if it’s unnecessary. Here are some situations that always require a call to a local professional.

Airflow Issues

Weak airflow or no airflow are signs of an air conditioning problem that needs a service technician’s expert skills immediately. Something is preventing the AC from circulating air throughout the house. Leaky air ducts might be the problem, or there could be an issue with the unit’s compressor. A service technician can solve the mystery quickly.

Vents Emit Warm Air

What’s worse than airflow issues? Many would argue an air conditioner that spews out warm air. There are a few possible reasons this is happening. The first reason could be misaligned or damaged ductwork and warm air from the house’s crawl space or attic entering the ventilation system. The other reason could be a refrigerant leak or low refrigerant amounts. Lastly, the compressor could be damaged.

Unpleasant Odors

When the AC is running, does it smell bad? Mold buildup can make the home smell mildewy. However, if the odor smells like something is burning, there might be damage to the wiring. Never ignore burning smells. Call a service technician immediately and stop using the AC until the problem’s determined and fixed.

No one wants to spend money on air conditioning repairs, but sometimes it’s necessary. For professional Lancaster AC repair, contact the experienced team at Crowther Heating & Air Conditioning.

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