Top-Quality HVAC Services to Improve Your System in Palatine, IL

Air conditioners are a must to keep your home comfortable during the summer. However, if your AC isn’t operating as expected, an HVAC professional can provide repair or replacement services to restore cooling services. Speaking to a technician about Trane air conditioning in Palatine gives you access to critical services and protects you against heat-related health risks.

Replacing Faulty Parts

If there’s a problem after an air conditioner installation, you can get replacement services for faulty parts. The manufacturer’s warranty covers all components installed. So, if they fail to work, you can get the cost of repairs or replacement services covered by the warranty.

You may have a labor warranty with your service provider, and a documentation review shows how long the warranty lasts. Reviewing warranty coverage for Trane air conditioning Palatine determines if you have coverage for these costs.

Maintaining the System as Expected

Routine maintenance for your AC is critical, and your service provider follows the instructions in the manufacturer’s warranty to complete the services. You’ll need to set up maintenance services before starting your system. Duct cleaning is a separate service that improves your system’s operation.

Setting Up Replacement Services

An AC that is 15 years or old may require replacement. HVAC professionals recommend new systems according to the square footage of your home and the total BTUs needed to cool your home. They can provide a complete estimate for all systems and help you find an affordable installation.

Air conditioning services improve how the systems operate. HVAC professionals complete everything from inspections to repairs and routine maintenance. Contact Five Star Heating and Air, Inc. and schedule air conditioning services or for more information.

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