3 Essential Steps to Heat Your House in the Winter: Heating Oil Delivery

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Air Conditioning Contractors


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Is your house cold and drafty? If so, you may need a heating oil delivery in Falmouth. It can be difficult to heat your home during the winter months without professional help. Heating oil is a reliable source of energy for any household in the Northeast because it heats up quickly and burns cleanly. Not only does this type of fuel have many benefits, but also there are many providers who offer affordable prices on their services as well! This blog post covers 3 essential steps that will help you heat your house efficiently during the winter months!

Find Out How Much Oil You Need

One of the easiest ways to find out how much oil you need is to ask the company doing your delivery how much you’ll need. When the company comes to your home, they will be able to estimate how many gallons of heating oil are needed for a delivery.

Order the Right Type of Fuel For Your Heating System

There are two types of heating oil: number one and low sulfur diesel. If you have a furnace, then it will need to be fueled by the more expensive fuel type called “number one”. But if your system is not working with an electric element or hot water heaters then the company may recommend that use you use low sulfur diesel instead.

Get a Delivery Time That Works With Your Schedule

It’s best to plan ahead when it comes time for your delivery. The company will need a few days’ notice in order to set up the right day and even more if you are ordering heating oil by the truckload because of safety requirements on transporting an oversized load. If you need a delivery on short notice, they may charge you an extra delivery fee for the service!

If you’re looking for a company that offers heating oil delivery in Falmouth, contact The Fuel Company at Sitename.

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