Tips from an HVAC Contractor in Lakewood for Keeping Heating Costs Low

by | Mar 29, 2024 | HVAC Contractor


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Homeowners struggling with high heating bills have several options for lowering their costs for heating in Lakewood. Many of these fixes take little time and don’t require a lot of money.

Seal Leaky Windows and Doors

Often, the main source of high electric bills isn’t a broken furnace. Instead, it’s leaks and drafts coming from windows and doors. Over time, door and window seals break down and need to be replaced to keep the heated air in the home from sneaking out. This is one of the cheapest and most effective fixes people can do to keep their heating bills in check.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Hire an HVAC contractor in Lakewood to inspect the furnace once a year. Maintenance services keep parts lubricated and bring attention to small problems that cause furnaces to use more energy. Schedule professional maintenance service in the fall before turning on heating for the first time.

Replace Old Furnaces

It would be nice if furnaces lasted forever, but they don’t. As furnaces age, they have to work harder to meet heating demands. This requires more energy and leads to higher electric bills. Contact an HVAC contractor in Lakewood for help choosing a new, energy-efficient furnace that will lower your energy costs significantly.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Today’s smart thermostats help people keep their homes heated (and cooled) for less. These thermostats get to know household habits and adjust the temperature accordingly to use energy efficiently. For more details, please visit WeatherWise Heating & Cooling, Inc. now.

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