Trying to Save Money on Heating Costs After HVAC Installation in Camp Hill PA

by | Oct 31, 2019 | HVAC Contractors


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After new HVAC Installation Camp Hill PA residents may feel a strong need to cut their heating costs as much as they can without sacrificing comfort. They’ve just spent a lot of money having their old furnace replaced and the budget will be tight this winter. They know the usual advice to keep the thermostat set at 66 or 67 degrees and to lower it when nobody will be home for several hours. What about strategies that might safely bring additional heat into the home?

Considering Efficiency

If the household residents will be running heat-generating appliances anyway, they can take advantage of the extra heat. However, running that equipment in an effort to save money on natural gas is pointless. The new natural gas furnace will be significantly more efficient at providing heat than other equipment in the home.

A Fierce Debate

After new HVAC Installation Camp Hill PA residents might look online for suggestions about bringing more heat into the house. That can be an exercise in confusion, however. One fiercely debated topic, for instance, is whether to leave the oven door open after using it. Some individuals say opening the door is best since that allows all the precious heat to escape into the kitchen. Others say the slow transfer of this heat to the kitchen’s air is best, so the door should stay closed.

In reality, the argument about oven doors makes little difference to the home’s natural gas bill. The most efficient way to run an oven is to only preheat it when preheating has a significant effect on the food. The person doing the cooking also might set a timer for 10 minutes before the food will be done, and shut the heat off then. The oven retains residual heat for longer than 10 minutes as long as nobody opens the door.

Warmth Throughout the Home

A new energy-efficient furnace from a contractor such as Thermotech Inc. should provide consistent warmth throughout the home. Closing off vents and rooms in an effort to save money on heating costs can backfire since the entire system has been designed to work efficiently with all the ducts open. When considering furnace replacement, homeowners may visit online for information.

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