What to Expect When Consulting an Air Conditioning Contractor in Wauconda, IL

by | Jul 28, 2022 | HVAC Contractor


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The importance of updating an aging air conditioning system in a residential home cannot be over-stated. Most people don’t realize, for starters, that a 25 year old system requires twice the energy to operate than a newer version would. Even a system that is 10 year old has outlived its usefulness in terms of energy efficiency, and replacement with a new system can offer the homeowner significant energy use savings. Before searching for an Air Conditioning Contractor in Wauconda IL, it is important to know how old the system in question actually is and the dimensions of the area that will need to be serviced by a replacement system.

With these facts in hand, a web check on will introduce the home or business owner to an experienced company that will be able to replace an old system and also be available for routine maintenance and repair on that system. At this point, the homeowner may be asked to supply further information so that the most efficient system possible will be selected, such as the square footage of the home, the number of doors and windows, how much the home may be shaded and what type of insulation the home may have. Expert air conditioning contractor in Wauconda, Il will be able to walk the homeowner through the process of determining the most appropriate system to install, based on these specifications.

The homeowner will want to browse an array of major name brands and compare and contrast them for cost and quality. Durability is another key consideration, and the air conditioning contractor in Wauconda, Il will be able to guide the homeowner through the many choices available. Once the system is decided upon, it is advisable to make arrangements for regular checks and maintenance on the new system in order to keep it in top working order and highest energy efficiency. In addition, a company that offers emergency repairs on short notice is preferable, considering the inconvenience and discomfort that a system failure can mean.

Lastly, the homeowner should always be certain that the company hired to replace an air conditioning system is properly licensed and insured, and should never agree to an estimate unless it is offered for free. One added caution is that it is generally best to choose an a/c contracting company that has been around for more than a few years to insure that the business is reputable and will be there for the long term. Get in touch with Efficient Heating Cooling for more information!

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