Benefits of Smart HVAC Control Systems

by | Mar 22, 2019 | HVAC Contractors


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Most commercial heating and cooling systems have efficient control systems. Yet, in today’s business world, it is important to run a lean company, and this includes lowering operating costs. You can avoid a lot of cooling and heating repair issues with an HVAC maintenance service in Seattle offering smart control systems. Here are some benefits of this option.

What are Smart Controls?

Smart controls take things like thermostats to the next level. They can monitor conditions indoors and make constant adjustments to issues like humidity and temperature. Smart controls from your HVAC maintenance service in Seattle let your system function at maximum efficiency while providing maximum comfort.

Lower Utility Bills

You could constantly monitor your indoor climate and adjust the thermostat and humidifier, and this increases efficiency. However, it is easier to have this done for you automatically. Some smart controls can pay for themselves within a relatively short timeframe.

Heating and Cooling When Needed

You can keep buildings or offices at their coolest or warmest when unoccupied. However, they can be at the perfect temperature when your staff arrives. For example, in winter you can keep indoors below 60 degrees when the building is empty.

Maintenance and Repair Alerts

A smart control system from an HVAC maintenance service in Seattle like MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions can carefully monitor conditions and let you know when maintenance is due, or there is an issue with one or more components. This helps you solve problems before they grow into expensive downtime and repairs.

Soft Starting

Did you know a compressor can use as much as six times the full load current when starting up? Thanks to smart controls, your system can take advantage of soft starting which uses less current on startup. Your HVAC specialists can show you many ways to improve your cooling and heating efficiency.

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