Create a Comfortable Environment Using Superior HVAC Systems in Fort Collins CO

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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Heating and cooling a building can be a huge job. How huge will depend on the size of the building in questions and how much space will need to be treated. With a home, this should be most of the indoor area with some exceptions such as the attic or garage. The typical appliance for these types of tasks is HVAC Systems Fort Collins CO. The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system is a split appliance where part of the system is located outside of the building and the remainder is positioned in a central location to aid in air distribution. In the case of a large, commercial structure, the condenser (external cabinet) is placed on the roof or similar out-of-the-way location while the evaporator coil and blower unit are found inside. This layout makes it easier to eliminate any collected heat and for recycling the air inside the building.

As the name implies, HVAC systems in Fort Collins CO are also great for heating interior spaces. In fact, HVAC systems are the preferred method of heating homes and businesses. This is partly due to the way the HVAC heats the building. An HVAC or similar forced air appliance uses a large, circular blower, often called a squirrel cage, for pumping air throughout the building. The purpose is to provide every area in the building with an even temperature. This is not possible with any other type of comfort appliance. For example, the split or ductless comfort system uses multiple blower units for distributing air, but it can also double as a heating appliance. The option of a heat pump may sound appealing, but it will also need a building-wide delivery system.

No matter what appliance is selected, it pays to think about maintenance. Each aspect of the HVAC system needs to be serviced on a yearly basis, but this service should be done separately. That is, the AC portion of the system should be cleaned and serviced between the end of winter and early spring or the first use of the appliance. The furnace side should see service sometime in the fall. Regular service could add years to the life of the appliance. For more information, contact the experts at Advanced Comfort.

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