Hot Water Heater Installation In Pittsburgh PA Should Be Performed By Trained Plumber

by | Jan 30, 2019 | Air Conditioning


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Ice cold showers do not have to be of concern when a water heater is properly installed and maintained. The first sign there is a problem with hot water is usually a lack of enough hot water. Homeowners should be concerned about bubbling or gurgling noises coming from a water tank. This is a sign the tank is having operating problems.

An increase in the utility bill is another sign a water heater needs to be repaired. If the tank is leaking, a homeowner or small business needs to consider Hot Water Heater Installation in Pittsburgh PA. Water heaters that leak from the bottom of the tank cannot be repaired and have to be replaced.

Electric Water Heaters

A common problem with electric hot water heaters is the heating element burning out. This can be caused by sediment in the tanks from well and municipal water supplies. The chemicals they use in municipal water can easily corrode a water heater and cause it to fail. Minerals and iron from well water will make the element fail. An electric water heater has two elements and a gas water heater only has one.

Gas water heaters only have one heating element and are difficult to change. A licensed plumber should be the only one changing heating elements in hot water heaters.


A licensed plumber should perform regular maintenance on a water heater. It is recommended that a water heater is drained and flushed at least once a year to reduce the settlement in the in the tank. The water heater will need to be disconnected and cooled. The drain valve will need to be connected to a hose to drain the water from the top.

This process can be complicated, but it can eliminate the need for a hot water heater installation in Pittsburgh PA. Another type of tank a homeowner should consider having installed is a tankless water heater. This type of heater provides hot water on demand and a homeowner never has to worry about running out of hot water.

If your water heater is not keeping up with the demands of your household, now is the time to consider replacing it. Visit us for more information.

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