Methods Homeowners Can Use to Keep Their Heating Systems in Folsom, CA Running Efficiently

by | Nov 17, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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Heating Systems in Folsom CA function more efficiently when the household residents treat the furnace properly. Aspects such as thermostat settings, keeping the appliance clean, and having it maintained annually are important. Those activities affect the lifespan of the appliance and the amount of the heating bill each month.

Setting the Thermostat

Energy experts recommend keeping the thermostat several degrees lower when everyone is out of the house for six or more hours. Turning it down before everyone goes to sleep helps keep energy costs lower too when running Heating Systems in Folsom CA.

A related factor involves keeping the temperature consistent when people are home. Fidgeting with the temperature throughout the day makes the furnace work harder each time the system must once again reach a level a degree or two higher than the previous setting. It’s best to get everyone together and agree on a temperature and then keep the thermostat set there.

Changing Air Filters

Changing the air filter every month or two and using pleated filters instead of the cheap, flat fiberglass ones is advisable. A dirty, clogged filter makes the furnace struggle to move air through the system. Cheap, flat filters do not capture much of the tiny particulate matter that flows from the return-air registers back to the appliance. This material winds up back in the ducts and in the home, creating dust throughout the home. It also makes the furnace dirtier.

Scheduling Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance performed by technicians with a company such as Golden Aire Heating & Air Conditioning also is important. Adjustments to the system keep it functioning at peak efficiency. Routine, yearly cleaning of the inside of the furnace can extend its longevity, and the tech will also be able to see if any parts are worn enough to need replacing. It’s better to have that replacement done now instead of waiting until the furnace breaks down.

Getting Answers

If customers have any questions about their heating systems, service appointments are the chance to get answers from a knowledgeable professional. Heating technicians generally are enthusiastic about their job, understanding the essential nature of the work. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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