Things to Check before Calling a Furnace Service in Alexandria, VA

by | Oct 10, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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There are few things quite as frustrating as your furnace not working when it is really cold or hot outside. While having a great furnace service on speed dial can save you from being chilly or sweating all summer long, there are a few things you should check before you make that phone call. While some of them may sound odd, doing a little research about your furnace problem can help you save time and money.

Do you have power?

This sounds crazy, but people don’t always realize that they have completely lost power, and that it isn’t just a problem with their furnace. If your furnace isn’t working but you have power in the rest of your home, then it may be worth calling in a furnace service in Alexandria, VA to see what the problem is.

How’s the air filter?

If the airflow to your unit is being obstructed due to a dirty filter that needs to be cleaned, then your unit may not work properly. Sometimes cleaning your filter or putting in a brand new one is all it takes to keep your unit from malfunctioning.

Have you tripped the circuit breaker?

Circuit breakers are relatively easy to trip, which is great as it can keep your house safe during a power surge, but isn’t always something that homeowners think about checking before calling a furnace service. It’s okay to reset your breaker and see if that takes care of the problem, but if it trips again, there may be a larger issue, so calling a furnace service is a smart move. There is often a problem in the wiring, and that’s something an expert will need to deal with to keep you safe and comfortable.

If you’re having problems with your furnace and aren’t sure what to do, contact us to have an expert come and take a look. By hiring only experienced and educated professionals we can guarantee great work and a good outcome.

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