3 Questions to Ask Before Investing in a New Heating and Cooling System

by | Jul 26, 2019 | HVAC Contractors


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This is the first time you’ve ever had to replace a home heating and cooling unit. What questions should you ask before making a choice and arranging for an HVAC installation in Simi Valley? There are actually several questions that need answers, but these three should be at the top of the list. Ask them first and if you like the answers, you can move on to the others.

Is the System Powerful Enough for My Home?

Your goal is to invest in a new system that will heat and cool every area of the home. That includes areas that you may not use often. If you think there’s any chance of eventually converting the attic or basement into living space, take that into account. A professional will ensure that any unit you consider is powerful enough to keep all of your space at a comfortable temperature.

What’s the Energy Rating?

Energy ratings help you understand how much energy the system will consume in order to heat and cool your space. The goal is to select a system with a better rating since that means it will consume less energy. Always compare energy ratings in advance and select a system with a superior rating. Doing so increases the odds that you’ll be happy with your HVAC installation in Simi Valley once the work is done.

What Features Come With the System?

While there are features you want, do you know all the options that come with heating and cooling systems today? Take the time to find out what the system can do above and beyond the features that you really want. There may be something that you never considered using before, but would be helpful now or at a later date.

Remember that these are only the first questions to ask before making a decision and arranging for the HVAC installation in Simi Valley. If you like the responses, learn more about things like the system warranty, available service contracts, and the type of filters the unit requires. With a little time and attention to detail, that new unit will provide plenty of comfort for many years to come.

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