A Unit Will Operate Properly With Routine HVAC Maintenance In Irving TX

by | Nov 29, 2023 | HVAC Contractor


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There are some simple steps that can be completed to assist with keeping a central heating and air conditioning unit maintained. Before any cleaning steps are completed, the power to a unit needs to be turned off. Afterward, a visual inspection will help determine if surfaces need to be treated. The condenser unit may become exposed to moisture, resulting in corrosion on some surfaces. Corrosion can be eliminated by applying a rust-dissolving agent to each spot. The agent will loosen rust particles, which will make it easy to remove all of the corrosion with a scrub brush.

Any debris that is stuck between metal pieces can be eliminated with a detergent that has been mixed with water. If there are pieces of dust that are stuck far inside of pieces and cannot be removed with soapy water and a scrub brush, a vacuum cleaner’s hose or brush attachment can be moved over the dust pieces to eliminate them. Once a unit is clean, applying rust-inhibiting spray to surfaces will prevent corrosion from becoming an issue again.

HVAC Maintenance in Irving, TX should be completed before it gets warm or cold outside so that a unit is ready when it needs to be used. If a unit ever malfunctions, or if an individual would like to purchase a new model for their home or business, they can contact Xtreme Air Services in order to receive assistance. A technician has been trained to diagnose problems with many different types of units. Materials will be supplied and installed during a service appointment.

Once a unit is operating properly, HVAC Maintenance in Irving, TX will be provided by the same company. If a new unit is needed in a home or business, there are several models to choose from that are energy efficient. An energy-efficient heating and air conditioning unit will keep the inside of a building at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. If a new unit is replacing one that wasn’t heating or cooling properly, an individual may notice that their energy bill isn’t as high as it used to be.

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