Central Air Conditioning in Reno Helps People Manage Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

by | May 18, 2016 | HVAC Contractor


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Air conditioning in Reno can help people dealing with allergies and asthma, and even chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It allows these individuals to stay comfortable with the windows closed on hot days, keeping out pollen and other air contaminants. Some possible contaminants in the Reno area include mold, vehicle exhaust and wood smoke and the associated particulates. People tend to think of this arid region as being relatively free of allergens in the air, but pollen counts can be quite high in spring and fall. Although arid, the region still has grass, trees, and weeds. Oak and pine, for instance, are especially active in pollen production in spring. The Internet makes it easy for people to know when pollen counts are high in specific areas. They might decide to open windows on days when the allergen count is low and keep them closed at other times.

It’s important to use a high-quality air filter that is rated for effective allergen and particulate blocking. Changing the filter as often as recommended or even more frequently also is important when using central air conditioning in Reno to manage allergy and asthma symptoms. Homeowners may want to have a filtration system installed that fits an expandable accordion filter. These high-efficiency filters have significantly more surface area to catch allergens before they hit the air exchanger. They cost more, but they may only need to be changed annually or twice each year.

A company such as Paschall Plumbing Heating Cooling also can perform air duct cleaning to remove an accumulation of dust, dirt, and allergens that have become lodged in the ventilation system. This can be particularly helpful when people buy a house that has already been lived in. It’s difficult to know how often the residents changed the air filter and how well they cared for the system. The homeowners may want to have the annual maintenance, inspection and cleaning of the furnace and central air equipment done during that appointment too. When the cooling or heating season begins, the equipment will be clean and ready to keep the house comfortable while keeping allergens out of the building. Visit us for more information.

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