Common Commercial Heating and other HVAC Problems

by | Jul 1, 2016 | HVAC Contractors


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Most businesses and stores operate their heating and cooling through an HVAC system. These systems must be dependable for successful day to day operation of the business. As a result, the businesses have their HVAC on a routine maintenance schedule. Some businesses are so large that they have their own maintenance team to maintain their HVAC. Other businesses hire outside HVAC contractors to either maintain their systems or repair them. There are contractors who install and repair Commercial Heating units in Virginia and Maryland. They want to tell you about common HVAC problems that they come into contact with.

     *     A common problem that HVAC contractors have found with the heating has been the gas valve. Used only when heating, this valve can become corroded. All it take sometimes is a simple replacement of this valve to get the heat flowing again.

     *     Another common problem that has been found is with worn contactors. There are three contactors which start the compressor and the motors. When these are worn, the HVAC unit will have trouble heating and cooling. A contractor will need to be called to replace them.

     *     Some problems arise with units because the capacitor is worn out. The units have two capacitors. If either of these fail, the HVAC will have a problem cooling or heating. The capacitor must be replaced.

     *     There are times when calling an HVAC contractor is unnecessary because of simple, overlooked problems. This could a dirty filter which needs to be thoroughly cleaned. It could also be a thermostat issue, which simply needs to have the proper setting. If the setting is not the problem, a contractor may then need to contacted.

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