The Differences in Commercial and Residential HVAC Contractors

by | Oct 16, 2018 | HVAC Contractors


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There are some major differences between commercial HVAC jobs and those you will encounter in residential settings. Therefore, commercial HVAC contractors must be equipped to handle specific tasks that might be outside the capabilities of a residential provider. Here are just a few ways these professionals differ:

Dealing with Different Systems and Sizes

The primary differences between commercial and residential HVAC systems are sizes and the way the systems are set up. Not only do commercial settings need much larger, more powerful systems to meet the needs of residents of or visitors to the buildings using them, but the systems they use are also laid out differently than residential systems.

Commercial systems are called “packaged” systems, while residential systems are typically split. This means that heat and cooling are typically handled by different areas of the residential system, while commercial systems typically handle both jobs in one system sector. This means that both maintenance and repair involve different tasks between the two and professionals who perform installation and upkeep must we well-versed in those differences. Unfortunately, many residential providers are not highly-trained in these areas, making them unsuitable for providing commercial HVAC maintenance.

Hire Commercial for Commercial Jobs

The good news is, when you have commercial-scale needs, there are providers who are specifically trained to handle them. You don’t have to go with a residential company and risk scaling down your project or using substandard products and procedures.

When you need a large HVAC job taken care of, contact Portland area commercial HVAC contractors. These industry professionals have extensive training in handling large-scale job like yours, at rates and prices that you and your business can manage.

There’s no need to leave your major HVAC projects to chance. Contact a commercial-level HVAC company today and get the results your buildings need – no scaling or downgrades required!

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