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by | May 4, 2016 | HVAC Contractors


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Cooling a home can be hard work and the main reason for this is the way that the AC functions. The common HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system must compress a refrigerant and cycle it through a series of coils in order to collect heat from the building. Once the heat has been absorbed through the evaporator coil, the refrigerant is channeled through another coil, typically placed outside the building, where it is released. This process lowers the temperature of the metal on the interior coil and a large blower is used to pass air through it to carry that coolness into the other rooms.

The problem with all of this is the way that equipment wears down and forces the need for quality Air Conditioning Service Contractors to locate and eliminate the problem. People often forget that the HVAC requires routine maintenance and that failing to have it performed can lead to the premature demise of the appliance. For example, when the refrigerant gets low, the AC performs poorly and the condenser may not get enough lubricant to keep from overheating. This often results in the condenser failing and a very costly AC repair.

Of course, there are other kinds of cooling systems and each of them will require skilled Air Conditioning Service Contractors to repair and maintain them. For example, the split or ductless system doesn’t use the typical air handler that the HVAC requires. Instead, it uses separate blower units to cool specific areas or zones. Some people prefer this method of cooling because of the control that it provides. The ability to cool commonly used areas to lower temperatures makes it possible to lower utility bills.

The most common reasons for hiring experienced contractors are repair of failing appliances or the annual maintenance that they require. However, an expert contractor can also help when the comfort appliance fails and replacement is necessary. Because of changes in refrigerants and government regulations, the modern HVAC functions more efficiently and this means the contractor will need to estimate the home’s requirements once again. Factors in sizing the appliance include the square footage of the building and the amount of people that may occupy the space at any given time. Contact the experienced professionals at website to learn more about HVAC maintenance, repair or replacement.

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