Enjoy Indoor Comfort With Reliable Air Conditioning Systems in Citrus Heights, CA

by | Dec 15, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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Getting the right comfort system requires more than simply selecting the model, and one reason for this is that there are various ways to cool a home. In fact, Air Conditioning Systems in Citrus Heights CA can be as simple as the small, portable appliances that vent heat out of the window to huge HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems that work throughout the year. The HVAC is often the preferred option because it is the most common solution provided for new homes. However, there are alternatives such as the split or ductless appliance or the use of heat pumps.

The typical HVAC comes in two large pieces. The first is the condenser, which is placed outside the building. The other is the furnace and air exchanger. It is usually installed in an out-of-the-way location such as the attic. Once these two components are in place, the technicians will install air ducts for delivery. Air ducts tend to be large and are sometimes an inefficient delivery system. One possible alternative is high-velocity AC. Air Conditioning Systems in Citrus Heights CA equipped with high-velocity delivery systems pump the treated air through small pipes that are about two inches in diameter. This allows the pipes to fit in walls and be easily insulated when they are exposed.

The alternative to the HVAC is the split system. This type of AC doesn’t make use of air ducts because it has multiple delivery units. That is,the external condenser pipes the compressed refrigerant to a number of blower systems-;up to eight per condenser. The benefit of the split AC is control. The user gets to set the temperature for each unit, and this allows for all sorts of possibilities such as lowering usage in areas that aren’t occupied or increasing usage for those that are.

For those people looking for energy-efficient cooling systems, there is the heat pump. A heat pump works by collecting heat through a heat sink and transferring it elsewhere. In most cases, the heat sink is the air around the pump, but larger units have alternatives. The heat is collected using a small amount of refrigerant and quickly released through another heat sink. Like the HVAC, heat pumps will require some method of moving the treated air. Learn more from the experts at Golden Aire Heating & Air Conditioning.

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