Expert Air Duct Cleaning in Springfield, NJ for Better Breathing!

by | May 8, 2017 | Air Conditioning Contractors


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Having ducted air conditioning in your home is fantastic in both the heat of summer and the depths of winter. The advantage over wall-mounted units is that the vents and ducts carry heated or cooled air to all areas of the home. But you may be getting a little more than you bargained for from one of these kinds of units!

When Dust and Debris Collect

The problem with ducted units like this is that as the air travels through them, all sorts of dust, pollen, debris, mold spores, and even bugs can get trapped in the vents, ducts, and others parts of the system. In fact, even split systems and other types of wall-mounted units are not immune to this! This is when you might need to have an expert air duct cleaning service performed.

When Allergens Attack

Anyone who suffers from allergies understands how debilitating they can be. It is common for people suffering from an allergic reaction to experience headaches, migraines, lethargy, respiratory problems, anxiety, and even depression. In fact, black mold is responsible for many cases of allergic and immune responses.

The problem is that many of the things that can get caught in air conditioning units can also cause these allergic responses in a wide range of people. The experts at visit website know this firsthand, and can tell you about stories where they performed an air duct cleaning service and found all sorts of problems!

The truth is that you might be getting more than you bargained for with your air conditioner. If it has not been serviced or cleaned lately, and you are suffering from headaches, lethargy, migraines, or respiratory problems when the unit is turned on, you may need a professional air duct cleaning in Springfield, NJ.

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