A Guide to Tankless Gas Water Heaters in Glendale AZ

by | Feb 19, 2018 | Repair and Service


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Tankless Gas Water Heaters in Glendale AZ give homeowners on-demand, nonstop hot water, and they don’t use extra energy in keeping water hot until it’s needed. There’s a lot to like about these units, but if a customer is considering upgrading from a tank-style unit, they need to make a few considerations first. In this brief guide, homeowners and customers can learn more about tankless gas water heaters.

Operating a Tankless Water Heater

Gas-powered tankless water heaters route water through a set of coils that run over a burner. When the water isn’t moving, the burner stays off, and it only comes on when the water begins to flow again. The distance between the coil and the burner is fixed, and the user controls the water temperature by regulating the burner’s intensity and the flow of water. Gas units need electricity for the operation of the ignition system, which means there won’t be any hot water during power outages.

Water Pressure Problems

Because of the way these units work, hot water pressure is less than that of the cold water coming in, and the difference becomes more noticeable as temperatures increase. Therefore, the unit may not be able to supply multiple fixtures at the same time, which may present problems in busy homes.

Initial Investment vs. Energy Savings

Tankless Gas Water Heaters in Glendale AZ can help homeowners save upwards of $100 per year, but even at such a rate, it can take longer than the average 20-year unit lifespan to offset the costs of purchase and installation. Vent installation and water supply pipe retrofitting can drive the cost of installation even higher.

Tankless Units Are the Best in Some Circumstances

Even if a gas-powered tankless water heater isn’t the right answer for all of a homeowner’s needs, it can meet certain needs better than conventional, tank-style units can. For instance, a medium-size outdoor unit can supply a kitchen or outdoor shower more efficiently than a tank-style unit can. A big advantage of tankless units is that they don’t take up floor space and they don’t hold water, so there’s no chance of a spill. For more information on tankless water heaters, visit Arctic Fox Air Conditioning & Heating today. Follow us on Twitter.

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