Hire an HVAC Contractor in Brooklyn NY for Spring and Summer Maintenance

by | Nov 1, 2016 | HVAC Contractors


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There’s nothing nicer than walking into an air conditioned home on a hot day. Where purchase and maintenance are concerned, however, experiences are far less pleasurable. It is easy to make errors in choosing, using and maintaining an HVAC unit, and these mistakes may reduce the unit’s efficiency and result in higher energy and repair bills. Below are several AC mistakes to avoid during the hotter months.

Buying the Wrong Size Unit

Air conditioners are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. A too-large unit will rapidly cycle, causing high utility bills and wide temperature fluctuations. A unit that’s too small will not adequately cool the home, and it will wear out faster. In either case, repair bills will be high. An HVAC Contractor in Brooklyn NY will do a load calculation to ensure that the chosen unit delivers the appropriate cooling load.

Failing to Change the Filter

Changing the AC filter is inexpensive and easy, but many forget to do it. Air filters prevent debris and dust from getting into the home, and they can become clogged over time. Most filters should be changed once per month, but some can last longer. Changing filters can keep the system running efficiently throughout the cooling season.

Using Incorrect Thermostat Settings

Some people think that turning the thermostat all the way down will make the room cool off faster. However, it is best to set the thermostat at the highest comfortable temperature; most people set it between 76 and 79 degrees. Every degree below that equates to roughly 7% in power consumption, which can affect monthly energy bills. Visit website for more information.

Running the Unit Too Much Or Not at All

Leaving the AC on all day wastes energy and it can diminish the unit’s efficiency. Conversely, a unit that goes unused for a long time may not work correctly when it’s turned back on. To protect the quality of indoor air and avoid high utility bills, use the AC only when the family is at home.

Avoiding these mistakes is simple; it requires only a little effort and knowledge on the homeowner’s part. With the tips above and the help of an HVAC Contractor in Brooklyn NY like Inter County Mechanical Corp, customers can enjoy whatever the warmer weather brings.

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