Important Factors About Cooling Equipment Installation In Bristol, CT

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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In Connecticut, air conditioning replacements require the owner to explore specific factors. When choosing the right unit, it is vital for the property owner to understand what factors affect energy consumption. A local repair service offers Cooling Equipment Installation Bristol CT for residential and commercial property owners.

The Condition of the Duct Work

The ductwork must be functioning properly if the owner wants to continue to use it. The system must also line up with the new air conditioning system properly. Any cracks or leaks could lead to higher energy costs and defeat the purpose of the new unit. A repair technician completes an inspection of the ductwork and measures it for the new installation.

Choosing the Correct Size

The repair tech can evaluate the square footage of the property and establish the unit size needed to cool it. The tech calculates the load for the unit and identifies factors that could affect the energy efficiency of the unit or the home. When selecting a new unit, this factor is among the most important. If the home chooses the incorrect size, they face higher costs and ineffective cooling services.

The Right Place for the Condenser

The property must have a shady area that is idyllic for placing the condenser. The property owner should never situate the unit in an area where the sun shines directly on it throughout the entire day. The unit could overheat and fail quickly. Overexposure to heat could cause the unit to fail or become severely damaged.

Compatibility with the Wiring System

The repair tech reviews the voltage running to the existing wiring system. The air conditioning unit selected to replace the outdated model must be compatible with the wiring system. If not, it could lead to an overload of energy and cause serious consequences.

In Connecticut, air conditioning installations require a keen eye for detail and an advanced understanding of how the units operate. Once a unit fails to operate correctly, it is time to replace the system to achieve better energy efficiency and a steady flow of cool air. Property owners who want to schedule a Cooling Equipment Installation Bristol CT are encouraged to visit us website right now. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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