Important Reasons to Hire Professional Technicians for Residential AC Installation in Haines City FL

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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A primary reason to hire professional technicians for Residential AC Installation in Haines City FL instead of making this a do-it-yourself project is to avoid costly mistakes. Installation work is complicated and time-consuming, explaining why a contractor generally sends two or three technicians to the site for this project.

Determining Correct Sizing

First off, trained, licensed heating and cooling technicians know how to determine the correct size for the equipment. They consider factors that include the square footage and shape of the house. Systems that are too large or too small wind up having a shorter lifespan. The small one has to work too hard to cool the house and the large one cycles on and off too rapidly because it reaches the desired temperature too quickly each time.

Equipment From Reputable Manufacturers

Professional Residential AC Installation in Haines City FL will include a brand-name model by a reputable manufacturer. Unfortunately, do-it-yourself types may have good intentions but be swayed by sales copy and low prices on other models. Those devices are likely to break down more often and fail sooner. Their warranties typically aren’t nearly as good.


Homeowners may be confused about which refrigerant to charge the system with. Adding the wrong substance can cause components to malfunction much sooner than would normally be expected. The unit also will not function as efficiently, leading to higher electricity bills.

Other Aspects to Consider During Installation

Professional heating and cooling technicians pay attention to other parts of the system too. Ductwork can be modified if this is advisable. Rooms that have never been cool enough with the previous air conditioner may need an extra register with a second pipe attached to that vent.

They can determine whether it’s OK to close vents in unused rooms or whether those particular registers should stay open to improve airflow throughout the structure. Keeping closet doors closed in a room with the exterior door and central air vent closed can lead to humid conditions that can damage materials like leather and vinyl. Contact Charles M Watts AC for information on this particular organization and to get an estimate for installation.

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