Keep Your Home Comfortable With Residential HVAC In Charleston, SC

by | Feb 6, 2017 | HVAC Contractor


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A comfortable temperature in a home requires the HVAC system to be operating at its peak level. A malfunctioning thermostat, loose belt, or clogged drainage hose can cause inadequate heating or cooling in a home. A Residential HVAC in Charleston SC contractor can perform repairs on heat pumps, air conditioners, and furnaces. They can also perform drain cleaning, water heater installation, and many other services including plumbing. Regular maintenance on a heating and cooling system includes a thorough inspection of the unit for signs of wear. The unit will be cleaned and any loose connections will be tightened. The thermostat will be checked for the right calibration. A season check of the system will ensure it’s as energy efficient as possible.

When service is needed in a home, there’s usually a concern of the homeowner about safety and security. All of the workers should be drug tested and their backgrounds checked by the company. The technicians should protect a homeowner’s flooring by using shoe covers to walk through the house and tarps in the area they’re working in. A reputable company that performs Residential HVAC in Charleston SC should offer 24-hour service and upfront pricing. This type of pricing will eliminate any surprises when the job is complete. No homeowner wants to hear that a repair is going to take two or three visits, so the company should be able to complete the job in the same day.

Have you contacted a service repair company only to find out they don’t carry the parts you need in their truck? This can be very frustrating for a homeowner who has taken off work waiting for the repair person. A quality and reputable HVAC company will send their technicians with a work truck full of parts to fix just about any unit. They won’t be wasting your time and money driving around picking up parts. Preferred Home Services has technicians that are trained and experienced to diagnose and repair a problem as quickly as possible. They understand that a homeowner doesn’t have time to wait all day for service. The next time you need your HVAC unit inspected or repaired, please give them a call.

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