Purchasing a New HVAC System in Binghamton, NY

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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Purchasing a new HVAC System in Binghamton NY is not a small decision. There are many brands to look at and the longevity of them along with the cost of installation and repair are all at stake. All of these factors in the decision-making process ride on the frequency of usage of the HVAC unit. Luckily, in New York, the summer does not last year round. This slows the need to make a rash decision and can actually allow time for research. What should you know when purchasing a new HVAC unit?

What Type of Warranty is Included?

Some type of warranty is included with almost every unit purchased. There are parts warranties from the manufacturer and there may be warranties for the work provided by the HVAC company used. A warranty is something that should be covered up front before making any decisions.

Is it an Energy-Efficient HVAC System?

There are tax credits provided when upgrading appliances to energy-efficient models. This can also save on utility bills. The Environmental Protection Agency has regulations as well where the unit must meet or exceed the minimum energy requirements. This can be determined by an Energy Star logo being placed on the unit.

What Kind of System Accommodates the Home?

There are different capacity systems to cover the amount of space in a home. Some homes even need multiple units to cool the area properly without being overworked.

How Long Will it Take to Install?

The length of time for installation often depends on the company. Once a unit is decided on, it will often need to be ordered. The contractor will give work to give a specified time where installation can be completed. It is a good idea to allow several hours for this so they are not rushed.

What is the Cost Associated with Buying a New Unit?

Cost is usually determined by the brand of the unit purchased and the capacity. An extended warranty and installation of the unit is an extra cost.

After asking these questions, it is important to find a licensed contractor to do the job. This can come by referral or someone that is found independently. It is good to check out their reviews online to make sure the installers are reputable. Fancher Appliance can answer any questions about purchasing a new HVAC System in Binghamton NY. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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