Reasons to Consider Residential AC Duct Cleaning in Lakeland, FL

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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Any homeowner who wants to get years of use from a central heating and cooling system knows that inspections and general maintenance are a must. While much of the attention is focused on the main unit, it pays to remember that the duct system also needs attention. Here are some of the reasons why an AC duct cleaning in Lakeland FL, may be in order.

When Was the Last Cleaning?

When the homeowner thinks back and has trouble remembering when the last AC duct cleaning in Lakeland FL, took place, that is reason enough to call and arrange for a cleaning. It only takes a couple of years for contaminants to lodge in the ducts, creating a health hazard for everyone living in the home. Err on the side of caution and have a cleaning as soon as possible.

An Odd Odor in the Home

There’s an unusual scent in the home that won’t go away. Even with after the carpet is cleaned and the drains are checked, the scent is still present. The homeowner finally notices that the odor is coming from the vents. That means there is something in the duct system that should not be there. Having a professional clean the ducts will get rid of the source and ensure the air in the home is a little sweeter.

Preparing to Sell the House

The owner has decided to put the home on the market. Before doing so, everything needs to be cleaned. That includes the duct system. Along with making sure every surface in the house shines, the fact that the air emerging from the vents smells fresh will go a long way toward making a favorable impression on prospective buyers.

For anyone who wonders if now is the right time to have the ducts cleaned, call the team at Springer Bros Air Conditioning & Heating LLC. Arrange for a professional to visit the home and check the ducts. If there is a fair amount of residue present, authorize a thorough cleaning. The process will not take that long, but the benefits will linger for a long time.

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