Refrigeration Equipment to Invest in for Your New Deli or Grocery Store

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Air Conditioning Contractors


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The success and popularity of your grocery store or deli depend on how fresh and cold that you keep the food that you sell. When you want to keep it at a safe and constant temperature, you need to invest in appliances that will freeze or cool your inventory.

Before you open your business’s doors to the public, you can get equipment like refrigerators, freezers, and coolers by connecting with Hussmann merchandisers in Spokane, WA. This company can deliver and install all of the appliances that you need for your store or deli today.

Beverage Coolers

When you do business with one of the local Hussmann merchandisers in Spokane, WA, you can purchase the coolers that you need for chilling your store’s beverages. People who come into your business expect to be able to buy cold drinks. They do not want to buy soda, tea, and other drinks that are room temperature.

The merchandiser that you shop with can offer you dozens of different beverage cooler models. They all have deep shelves for placing plenty of inventory. They also run consistently to maintain a steady temperature all day long.

Meat Cases

Meat cases are also going to be important to the productivity and success of your business. You need cases that are deep enough to store the cold cuts, steaks, hams, and other meats that you will store in them. They also need to offer you easy access to the inside for storing or serving customer orders.

The merchandiser offers numerous styles of meat cases for your convenience. You can get them delivered and installed in your store before you officially open to the public.

Refrigeration equipment is important to the success of your store. You can get the appliances that you need by purchasing them from a local merchandiser today.

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