Why Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance Is Essential In Batavia

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Heating & Air Conditioning


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When the spring season comes around once more, most people start thinking of the summer swelter. It can be hard to imagine dealing with temperatures in the low 100s and the intense humidity that comes with living in the Midwest, which means people in Batavia regularly rely on their air conditioner to keep them cool and comfortable. However, it’s also essential that you maintain your unit so that it works when you need it most.

Longer Lifespan

While most AC units claim they can last ten years, most of them don’t because their owners don’t care for them and keep up with maintenance. You may not think it’s such a big deal to have it cleaned and checked, but when it dies prematurely, you’ll wish you’d had it serviced appropriately.


While your air conditioner in Batavia may run, it may not be running its best. Inefficiency can be caused by dirt and dust, or from pests getting inside. Regular cleanings can help, as well as replacing the filters inside the home.

More Comfortable

You have probably come from being outside and breathed a sigh of relief when you feel the coolness of the home. However, when the weather’s hot outside, you may find that you feel sticky, even with the AC on because it’s not cooling properly. Regular maintenance can keep that sticky feeling at bay, and also reduce the amount of repairs you need.

Reduce Energy Bills

Many people try to do without their AC for fear of running up their electricity bill. However, you can still get good efficiency and lower energy bills when you maintain your unit.

Your air conditioner in Batavia could be the only thing keeping you cool in the summer. Visit Blue Frost Heating & Cooling to learn more about maintenance options.

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