Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance from J & S AIR INC

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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Temperatures aren’t going to stay low forever. Soon it’s going to be time to switch the old AC unit back on and worry about staying cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, many homeowners are going to find a very unpleasant surprise when they try to use their unit again. After months of disuse, not every AC unit is going to start right back up. This is why it’s so important to call a local service provider to schedule visits two or more times per year. These visits serve to detect issues that might stop a unit from working when it’s needed most. Not only will the unit be more reliable when it’s properly maintained but it might also work more efficiently. With the right help, homeowners could be saving hundreds on energy costs throughout the year.

Calling ahead to schedule an appointment is always recommended. Service providers such as J & S Air INC can make an appointment well ahead of time in order to make sure the appointment takes place during the most convenient time possible. During these semi-annual visits, service providers can check the unit, wiring, insulation, and the ducts leading into the home. These four main points should be checked during every visit. If any of these aspects of the cooling system are neglected, the homeowner is most likely throwing away hundreds on energy costs. Most issues are quite easy to fix, but any wiring related issues will require a licensed professional to address safely and legally.

Service providers such as J & S Air Inc are happy to do more than just make sure the unit is running properly. Checking the ducts for gaps or leaks is very important. During each visit, the service provider should make sure those gaps are sealed so the cool air isn’t leaking outside when it should be pumped directly into the home. Homeowners can visit for more information about saving money on cooling costs or to schedule a consultation with their local service provider. An audit might help homeowners see how they could be saving money on annual heating and cooling costs.

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