Residential Central Air Conditioners in Loveland CO: A Contrast From Western Europe

by | May 18, 2017 | Air Conditioning


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A large fraction of the U.S. population is considered to be Western European in descent, but nevertheless, there are some distinct cultural dividing lines between these regions. One is the large-scale adoption of residential central air conditioning in the States, while a high percentage of Western Europeans still go without. Why are residential Central Air Conditioners in Loveland CO and elsewhere in this country so pervasive when the equipment has been slow to catch on across the Atlantic Ocean?

In fact, Europeans, in general, are entirely accustomed to working in buildings without air conditioning. That would be unthinkable for most Americans who now work indoors, as they are accustomed to the cool temperatures as they sit at a desk or an assembly line, or stand behind a cash register. Commercial and institutional buildings are well-known for their exceptionally chilly temperatures during the summer, forcing workers and others to wear sweaters inside. Customers carry jackets into movie theaters on days when the mercury hovers above 90 degrees outside.

It’s not at all clear how this cultural divide took place. Researchers believe some of the trends in the United States is attributable to greater wealth, even among the middle class. The trend may have happened more organically as well, with more and more Americans gradually installing window air conditioners and then switching to central air. By the 21st Century, most children had grown up with air conditioning in the house and aren’t likely to give it up. Throughout Europe, where central air is still relatively uncommon, going without cool air in the summer doesn’t seem like such a big deal.

Research indicates the significant advantages of air conditioning as installed by a company such as Poudre Valley Air for productivity, sleep, and mood. Cool air is important for people with illnesses that are worsened by excessive heat. However, one thing people with Central Air Conditioners in Loveland CO could learn from their European counterparts is the aspect of setting the thermostat a bit higher to save energy. U.S. residents tend to set the thermostat around 72 degrees in the summer when experts recommend having it set at 76 or 78, and even higher when nobody is home for several hours.

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