Schedule Maintenance and Replacement for Residential Heating in Sparks During the Warm Months

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Air Conditioning


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As temperatures rise in the spring, homeowners naturally start thinking about cooling their homes during the upcoming hot season. But it’s not a bad idea to think about heating a home as well. Extensive maintenance may need to be done before a heating system will work properly when the days turn cold again. A homeowner who is interested in installing a different type of heating system will find that it’s much easier to schedule work on Residential Heating in Sparks during the warm season rather than when the weather turns cold. Basic maintenance chores can be done as well so that a home’s heating system is ready to go in the fall.

Basic maintenance

Experts recommend that homeowners check their heating systems or have them checked by professionals once a year to help prolong the life of the heating system. Depending on the kind of heating system used in the home, fluid levels, motors and capacitors should be examined and cleaned if necessary. Motors need to be checked to ensure that they are working properly in heat pumps. Having this work done at the end of the heating season rather than waiting until the weather cools means that a home will be comfortable when the temperature starts to fall, especially if it drops unexpectedly.

More extensive maintenance

Components of a heating system can wear out due to maintenance that is put off or unexpected damage. When motors, fans or other large components of a heating system stop working properly, maintenance is needed immediately. A heating system that is showing signs of wear or damage at the end of the season shouldn’t be ignored. Having this more extensive maintenance done at the end of the heating season is a good plan so that the heating system will be ready to go when the weather turns cold.

Heating system replacement

A homeowner may want to replace an existing heating system that is old, inefficient or worn out with a newer, more environmentally friendly and lower-cost heating system. Doing this is time-consuming and extensive, but it’s worth the effort for the results. However, it’s a job that shouldn’t be undertaken during the coldest months of the year. Paschall Plumbing & HVAC provides maintenance and installation of systems for Residential Heating in Sparks. Visit us at Website.

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