Scheduled Service for Your Home Air Conditioner in Sylvania OH

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Air Conditioning Contractors, Heating and Air Conditioning


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Since Summer is approaching, homeowners should consider calling their local service provider to schedule a visit. Scheduled maintenance is the best way to take care of a large appliance. Most HVAC service providers recommend at least two visits per year. Semi-annual service visits for a home air conditioner in Sylvania OH can help improve reliability and efficiency. Homeowners will end up spending less to cool their home and get more out of their appliance.

During these visits, homeowners can expect to have the three major parts of their cooling system checked. The first part of the system that should be checked is the appliance itself. The unit should be checked for mechanical and electrical problems. These problems can make the unit operate unreliably and inefficiently. The appliance is the largest and most expensive part of the system, so it makes sense that it would be the first thing to be checked.

The next part of the system that should be checked are the wires running in and out of the unit. Faulty wiring can cause breakers to trip, interrupting power to the rest of the home. This could interrupt important utilities such as hot water. Damaged wiring could be a fire hazard that puts everyone in the home at risk. If the wiring to the thermostat isn’t maintained, the appliance won’t be getting accurate information. This could cause the appliance to run when it shouldn’t or stop running when it should be cooling.

The last part of the system to be checked are the ducts. Gaps and holes in the ducts could be letting cool air escape. This could be costing the homeowner hundreds of dollar sin excess energy costs throughout the season. Homeowners can click here for more information about maintaining their home air conditioner unit and schedule a consultation that could end up saving them quite a bit in cooling costs. It’s best to schedule service visits well ahead of time to avoid waiting for service during peak seasons. The best times of year to schedule visits are during the beginning of Summer and the beginning of Winter.

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