Several Benefits of Ceiling Fan Installation in Lebanon, NJ

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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While most modern homes do feature air conditioning, ceiling fans remain quite popular among homeowners across all income levels. There’s a good reason that so many homeowners are considering Ceiling Fan Installation in Lebanon NJ to supplement or replace their AC. Read on to find out about just a few of them below.

They Help Lower Monthly Energy Bills

Installing a ceiling fan can help homeowners to lower their monthly electric bills by as much as 40%. These classic fixtures allow air to move more freely through the room, making it feel cooler and allowing families set their thermostats lower. In some cases, they can even prevent the need for air conditioning entirely if the windows remain open.

They’re Stylish

It’s possible to find a wide variety of different styles, sizes, and finishes of ceiling fans, allowing homeowners to choose fixtures that perfectly match their home’s decor. A well-chosen fan can even serve as a focal point or a statement piece, adding to the room’s visual interest. Plus, many fans feature built-in lighting, which can add an extra layer of ambiance to just about any room.

They’re Versatile

Just about any room in any home can benefit from Ceiling Fan Installation in Lebanon NJ. They’re perfect for screened in porches, bedrooms, living areas, dining rooms, and even kitchens. The more fans homeowners choose to install, the more they’ll notice their energy bills plummeting as their households begin to use less air conditioning.

They’re Great All Year Round

Most homeowners believe that ceiling fans are only practical during the hottest months of summer; the reality, though, is that they are beneficial throughout the year. Since most fans can be run in either direction, homeowners can simply reverse the direction of their ceiling fans’ drafts to push warm air down from their rooms’ ceilings to redistribute heat in the winter. Not only does this improve indoor air quality, but it also helps to circulate the heat coming from the home’s boiler or furnace.

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