Should You Replace Your Commercial Cooling System?

by | Feb 18, 2019 | HVAC Contractors


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Nothing lasts forever, and eventually, your commercial HVAC system may no longer give you dependable service or operate with efficiency. You could hold out as long as possible, but this could cost you. Replacement is an option worth considering and here are some things to think about from your HVAC maintenance service in Tacoma.

How Old is the Unit?

Have you looked at your AC unit lately? You may not go on your roof often, but you may want to check it out. If it looks rusted and has seen its better days, age is probably a problem. Commercial air conditioners fifteen years of age or older have lost some of their efficiency and are prone to breakdowns when the temperatures start to climb.

If your commercial HVAC system is past its prime and showing its age, it is a good time to contact your local HVAC maintenance service in Tacoma about your options. New units are very efficient and come with a warranty to give you years of trouble-free service.

Check the History of Your Energy Bills

Look at your warm weather electric bills for the past few years. Do they get larger and larger? As your air conditioner ages, efficiency drops and after a while, it could cause you to have high electric bills. If you are paying more and more each year to cool your business, you may want to consider an upgrade. An HVAC maintenance service in Tacoma like MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions can install a new, energy-efficient, cooling system and provide custom ductwork from their fabrication shop.

Frequent Repairs

Are you paying for repairs constantly? This is usually a sign your AC system is on its last legs. Your HVAC specialists offer free estimates and advice about new HVAC systems. It may cost less than you think.

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