The Scourge of Substandard Indoor Air Purity and How a HVAC Repair in Huntsville, AL Can Change Your Life

by | Dec 18, 2018 | HVAC Contractors


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If you’ve ever replaced the cabin air filter in of your vehicle, odds are that you observed an odious amount of soot, dust, leaves, bugs, and muck, which is to be expected because, after all, your vehicle features a forced air intake that draws currents from the outdoors.

Your domestic HVAC features a very similar mechanism that pulls airflow from the surrounding atmosphere but, as you can imagine, the typical 2500-square-foot home processes exponentially more circulation than a comparatively tiny car.

The Truth about Maintaining Your HVAC

The acronym HVAC encompasses heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, which presumably means that this instrument is the quintessence of climate control in the bulk of buildings in North America.

The bottom line of conducting an HVAC repair actually has little to do with breakages, malfunctions, and cessations in operation. To a much greater degree, an individualized yearly HVAC repair is about optimizing performance and cleansing your breathable air:

  • Air pollution generally invokes thoughts of grime-ridden industrial flues and idling vehicles but did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency has classified enclosed residential air quality as the third-most pressing public health peril?
  • Some properties that have neglected an HVAC repair and expert sanitization for three or more years actually have air that contains 1000 percent more aerial waste, irritants, and toxins than the open air in heavily populated cities.
  • However, by replacing your filters and arranging a professional overhaul clean, you can triple the utility efficiency of your unit and achieve air quality that borders on medical-grade.

Propitiously, booking a HVAC repair in Huntsville, AL can address your thermostat, refrigerant, fuses, circuits, and filters for an amazingly low fee.

Attaining the Best Help at a Rate You Can Afford

Throughout Huntsville and the proximate townships, Southern Comfort HVAC LLC is well known for their warm, outgoing customer service as well as their equitable price-versus-value services; ring up one of their technicians for your review and an extended labor guarantee on all maintenance.

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