Three Items To Consider Before Installing Radiant Heating Systems

by | Aug 30, 2018 | HVAC Contractor


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The cost of utilities is on the rise, and the increased price of heating a home has left many homeowners searching for economical heat sources that are safe and reliable. The use of Radiant Heating Systems is gaining popularity, as they are affordable to operate and effortless to use. Before hiring an HVAC contractor to replace an outdated system, be sure to consider the following, as it will ensure a setup that is ready to provide years of heat in the most brutal of winter weather.

Flooring Considerations

A radiant system is installed under any flooring materials used in the construction of a home, so it is essential to have the equipment set up before any installation of the flooring surface and to choose a product that will withstand the extra heat created when the system is in use. A contractor will work with other service providers and have the heating elements in place before any tile or hardwood is installed.

Infrared or Hydronic

There are two types of heating options available, and a homeowner will need to choose between hydronic or infrared equipment. Hydronic systems push hot water through pipes under the flooring as it circulates through a central water heater. Infrared units are powered by electricity and consist of large panels that are laid on the subfloor and are then connected to a thermostat and the primary electrical line.

Backup Power Options

One of the most significant challenges with a backup power system is finding one that will provide the wattage and voltage levels required for the operation of a heater. Radiant Heating Systems use much less energy than traditional forced air units and are easily powered by a whole home generator. Don’t let a power outage leave a family in the cold when a radiant system remains operational while a backup power source is in place.

If the cost of heating a home is out of control, it may be time to look at more energy-efficient heating options. The team at South Side Plumbing and Heating offers a variety of quality radiant heating equipment and will create a system that will keep a home toasty in any weather. Visit to learn more or call today to arrange for a system installation evaluation. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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