Tips to Keep a Home Cool in Summer Without Breaking the Bank

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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During the throes of summer, many homeowners find that their utility bills are through the roof. This is usually because they keep their air conditioning on day and night. The challenge then becomes finding ways to keep the home comfortable without running the power bill up. There are some tweaks that can be made to ensure that a family stays comfortable without breaking the bank doing so.

Block Out Daytime Heat

When everyone is at work or school, there is no reason to keep the air conditioning running full blast. Before heading out for the day, make a point to lock out any potential heat entry sources. Turn off all lights and unplug any unnecessary appliances. Go around the home and shut all the blinds to keep additional heat from coming in through the windows. If possible, avoid using the oven or stove since those introduce more direct heat.

Preventive AC Maintenance

Preventive maintenance by an air conditioning service in Colorado Springs CO is one of the most important steps a family can make to keep their system running efficiently during the summer. Filters that became clogged during the winter months, as well as leaks and debris, can all cause the HVAC system to work harder than it should. When a system is operating at less than full capacity, it is working harder to get the same result. This will always result in a higher utility bill. A local HVAC company can do a thorough inspection to ensure that everything is running in harmony.

Improve Ventilation

Running the air conditioner isn’t the only way to keep air flowing inside of a home. If the home has ceiling fans, keep them running to allow air to move throughout the house and keep the temperatures down. On those days that come with a little wind or a temperature drop, open some windows to promote cross ventilation.

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