Troubleshooting Tips for Air Conditioner Service in Derby, KS

by | May 25, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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There are a lot of problems which can arise when making use of a cooling unit. Solving some of them may require calling an Air Conditioner Service in Derby KS while others are easier to fix and can be done from the comfort of the home. But once a serious issue comes up, it’s best to Visit our website to schedule an appointment with the best air conditioner service in Derby, KS. That is having been said, the following are a list of possible problems which may arise during the use of a cooling unit. They are also followed by some tips for troubleshooting and solving them.

Once the A.C at home goes off or suddenly stops working, do the following.

o Ensure that it is connected to the electrical panel and is receiving electrical energy from it.

o The cooling unit’s switches and overloads should be reset.

o Check and retune the thermostat settings.

o The overflow switch along the condensate should be checked.

If there is proper supply of electricity to the cooling unit and it still doesn’t come on, take the following steps.

o Its power source should be turned off.

o Check the filter to make sure it isn’t clogged. If it is, either change or clean it.

o If ice has formed on the coils, thaw it out by putting on the fan.

o Clean out the condensate drain.

o Lastly, inspect and clean up the outdoor compressor.

If the central AC isn’t functioning

o Check that the thermostat has been set to “Cool.”

If the thermostat shows that the environment needs to be cooled and the central cooling unit doesn’t automatically come on

o Check that there is no tripped breaker or blown a fuse on the main electrical panel and the secondary circuitry panels. There could be a short in the fan motor or compressor if the breaker were tripped. The services of an electrician are needed.

Although the steps and tips given above are simple to perform, it is recommended that amateurs don’t murk around with electrical appliances that they don’t fully understand. It is advised always to engage the services of a professional company that undertakes these kinds of repairs.

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