What Should Owners Know About Air Conditioning Maintenance in Edmond OK?

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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One of the most important things an owner can do for their air conditioner is to make sure they maintain it. When an air conditioner is properly maintained, it will have a longer lifespan and will perform at a higher level. Homeowners need to know as much as they can learn about air conditioning maintenance in Edmond, OK.

What Can a Homeowner Do to Take Care of Their AC?

One of the most important and easiest tasks a homeowner can carry out to protect their air conditioner is to change the filters. Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook this important step and end up inadvertently causing damage to their system.

It is a wise idea for a homeowner to set up a schedule so they will check their filter on a specific date each month. This will help to ensure they are able to properly care for their system and avoid clogged filters which can lead to dirt and debris in the internal components.

An owner also needs to make sure they keep their condenser free of grass, weeds, and obstructions that will prevent air flow. Trimming the weeds and grass and keeping plants at least two feet away on all sides will help to ensure the system is able to function properly.

Some Professional Services Are Needed

A homeowner needs to schedule yearly Air Conditioning maintenance in Edmond, OK. A technician should be called for these services because they are not something the average owner can carry out themselves.

During this appointment, the technician checks all of the different components of the system. They will check the coolant levels to ensure there are no leaks and will carefully lubricate all moving parts. They will also tighten all of the connections.

Maintenance should be carried out in early spring before warm temperatures begin. Hiring a professional will allow an owner to be sure their system is ready for operation during the summer months.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

If it is time for your AC maintenance appointment, it is important you hire the professionals so it is carried out properly. For more information on these services, Visit the website at .

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