What’s a Ductless Air Conditioner?

by | May 20, 2016 | Air Conditioning


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Ductless air conditioners are air conditioning systems that allow homeowners to appreciate the advantages of cooled air without the expense of duct work. They’re a reasonable alternative to ventilating, central heating, and HVAC (air conditioning systems) that rely upon an extensive duct network to move air. Ductless ACs are considered to be easier to maintain and more efficient than window-mounted models.

What is a ductless AC comprised of?

Oftentimes referred to as a “split system,” a ductless AC is comprised of two parts. There’s a compressor that’s put outside the house, and a fan that’s put inside the room which is to be cooled. The fan may be wall-mounted, hidden inside a drop ceiling, or set upon the floor. The models are attached using conduit or piping. The conduit will contain lines for condensate, refrigerant, and electricity to operate the unit. We are Central Florida’s premier AC specialists; we can help you stay cool and save on energy costs. At Smith’s Air Conditioning, you will find a qualified staff to handle your AC repair and indoor air quality testing.

Advantages to ductless air conditioners

There will include many benefits to using a ductless AC rather than a traditional window-mounted model. Firstly, due to the noisy compressor sitting outside, the AC system is quieter inside the house. The fan itself generally isn’t any louder than a standard ceiling fan, although “quiet fans” are obtainable for houses in which noise is a concern. Also, there isn’t any need to re-install and remove the units each summer, and homeowners aren’t subject to the security risk related to removable window-mounted Ac’s.

Another main advantage to utilizing a split system AC includes the high energy efficiency level related to the units. Cool air will be directed to the room in which it’s needed rather than all around the house. There isn’t any problem with air leaks that are common as cooled air travels throughout duct systems. The whole system may be controlled by the thermostat, in order for the temperature in the room to be kept right where it’s set by a homeowner.

The primary advantage of a ductless AC is that it permits homeowners to save on the expense of adding ductwork that oftentimes includes tearing down ceilings or walls. It’s especially helpful in old houses which have no central duct system. If your ductless air conditioner breaks down contact our Air Conditioner Repair in Narcoossee services.

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