When is it Time to Call a Heating Repair Specialist in Moore, OK?

by | Feb 6, 2020 | Heating & Air Conditioning


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The winter is no time for your furnace to break down, so you should know when you need heating repair in Moore, OK. Here are some signs that you should be making that call.

First, you should request an appointment with an HVAC repair contractor if you notice any strange sounds coming from your furnace or your ducts. This can include knocking, rattling, or rumbling. Your furnace should be almost silent when it runs, so hearing anything out of the ordinary is cause for alarm.

Second, you should request an appointment if your home is heating unevenly. This is often a sign of ducts that need to be cleaned, but the problem could lie with your furnace. Either way, it’s best to contact a professional who provides heating repair in Moore, OK, before things get too out of hand.

Finally, you should contact a repair professional if the flame in your gas furnace isn’t burning blue. You should be able to see this flame easily if you know where to look. An orange or yellow flame doesn’t mean that your furnace isn’t working properly, but ideally the flame should be blue. That indicates that it is getting plenty of fuel and that your furnace is working properly.

As with most things around your home, it’s best to take care of any problems in your heating system early before they get out of hand. If you suspect that you have an issue with your furnace, contact ClimaTech Heat and Air to request an appointment today.

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