When To Contact A Local HVAC Contractor In Lakeway, TX

by | Aug 18, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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In Texas, homeowners should become aware of conditions that require immediate assessment. These conditions are clear indicators of heating and cooling issues. If the homeowner doesn’t take quick action, they may face avoidable costs and service disruptions. An HVAC Contractor in Lakeway TX provides assistance when problems arise.

Sudden Rises in Energy Costs

A sudden and unexplained rise in energy costs is a sign of an issue. This increase may indicate that the heating or cooling system is consuming more energy. When components fail, they need more energy to compensate for these failures. The contractor reviews these components to identify the source of the issue.

Frequent or Unexplained Respiratory Illnesses

Homeowners who develop frequent and unexplained respiratory illnesses should schedule an inspection. These illnesses are common when adverse health hazards develop in the ventilation system. Mold and mildew in the ventilation system force toxins throughout the property. They are a common cause of respiratory illnesses. The contractor performs mitigation services to eliminate these health hazards.

Ineffective Heating or Cooling

When the systems don’t produce comfortable temperatures, the contractor must investigate the cause. A common issue that causes this condition is inadequate air flow. Major components may also reduce the volume of comfortable air flowing through the property.

For cooling systems, this condition is associated with low freon levels and clogged fans. These freon levels also contribute to freezing condenser coils. Additional causes of these conditions may indicate improper air flow through the system itself.

If the System Fails Completely

When a heating or cooling system fails, the contractor provides detailed information about replacement units. They discuss the homeowner’s budget to determine what price range is appropriate. They also evaluate connections such as the wiring that may affect the system.

In Texas, homeowners need to learn what conditions attribute to heating and cooling issues. By understanding these common signs, they avoid the potential for high costs and uncomfortable temperatures. Among these conditions are sudden increases in costs and energy consumption. They also include improper air flow. Homeowners who need assistance with these systems should contact an HVAC Contractor in Lakeway TX at J & S Air Inc. to schedule an appointment today.

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