5 Tips for Professional Air Conditioner Installation in Venice

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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HVAC contractors are responsible for installation, servicing, and having a knowledge of multiple types of air conditioning and heating systems. A functional HVAC system can keep an office or home comfortable all year, and multiple factors should be considered when deciding whether to replace or repair a system. Below are five insider tips to help customers choose the right HVAC unit and contractor for Air Conditioner Installation in Venice.

Right-Size the Unit

Proper sizing is a critical factor in the system’s efficiency and overall comfort. The HVAC contractor should thoroughly evaluate the home or office, and they should take heat load measurements. A quality contractor will ask the customer questions about hot and cold spots, indoor air quality, and humidity. Customers should get quotes from several contractors to get an accurate comparison of prices and equipment.


Before a customer hires a contractor to repair or replace an air conditioning unit, they should ask if the company offers diagnostic services. Reliable contractors will offer a price quote before work begins, and customers should compare prices among companies. Homeowners should ask for references from past clients, and they should call those references to determine the level of service to be expected. Finally, the customer should ask if the contractor must pull permits for the job.


While costs can vary widely, the quality of work should not. The contractor’s experience and the quality of service reflect how well the unit performs, and it can tell the customer how long the unit may last. A reliable HVAC contractor can provide a service checklist and warranty information on new air conditioners and furnaces.

Licensing and Staff Training

The customer should confirm the contractor’s state and city licensing before signing the contract. HVAC contractors should have current insurance, and the customer should request a coverage certificate. If the job is highly specific, the contractor should be certified to do that type of work. Lastly, the customer should check the company’s rating with the BBB.


Many customers assume a popular business is the best choice because it sells and services well-known brands. If a homeowner has a specific brand in mind, they should  and ask questions about the HVAC company they are considering. The chosen company should have a history of quality service and Air Conditioner Installation in Venice.

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