Homeowners Need to Know How to Care For Their Air Conditioning in Cape Coral FL

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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Anyone living in Florida knows how incredibly warm the summer months can become. Most residents feel it is essential to have air condition air conditioning in Cape Coral, FL. To ensure an air conditioner will last as long as possible and be able to provide a home with welcoming relief from the heat, maintenance is key.

How Can Homeowners Care For Their Air Conditioner?

Caring for an air conditioning in Cape Coral, FL is not difficult if a homeowner knows what steps they need to take. The first step a homeowner needs to take is to make sure their filters are clean at all times. Most manufacturers recommend homeowners change their filters every thirty days but this is not always the optimal time.

Ideally, a homeowner should check their filter once a week to determine if dust and debris are present. It does not take a lot of dirt to impede the airflow of a system. If the filter is overly dirty, it needs to be promptly changed.

It is also wise for a homeowner to ensure their outdoor condenser unit has plenty of air circulation. The condenser needs two feet of clearance all around the unit. This means all shrubbery, flowers, and trees need to be at least two feet away.

Keeping weeds and high grass at bay can prevent airflow issues. It is also vital a homeowner checks their unit for stray limbs and leaves after periods of high wind or storms.

How Can a Professional Help?

There are some maintenance chores that only need to be performed by a professional. Lubricating moving parts, checking fluid levels, and cleaning the coils should only be carried out by someone who has been thoroughly trained.

A yearly maintenance appointment can help protect the life of a system and keep it operating at its peak. Most HVAC experts recommend these appointments are scheduled in early spring before an air conditioner is turned on for the summer season.

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