Signs That Your Air Conditioner Is In Need Of Repairs

by | Jul 26, 2017 | HVAC Contractors


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At the first signs of summer there is only one way to fight the heat; turn on the air conditioner. With normal preventative maintenance the unit should do the job even on the hottest days. If your system is not performing as it should chance are it needs the attention of an expert in air conditioning repair in Carol Stream. Never attempt to tackle air conditioner repairs by yourself; only qualified personnel have the knowledge to diagnose and repair faults.

Some signs of an air conditioner problem are obvious, others are not. It is important that you, as the homeowner, recognize the warning signs that indicate the need for repair.

Lacks cool air: There may reach a time when the air conditioning system simply is not doing what it is supposed to do; cool the interior of your home. This is usually a sure sign of trouble, a sign that you must arrange for air conditioning repair in Carol Stream. A lack of cool air can be an indication of Freon loss or worse, a failed compressor.

Poor air flow: This type of problem can be a compressor issue if the air flow is poor from every vent, it can also indicate ducting problems if the air flow problem is just in a specific room. Over time, debris and dust can slowly build up in the duct; this will restrict air flow and present an unnecessary health risk. It may be time to have the ducts cleaned.

Strange sounds: If you hear strange noises; squealing, grinding and the likes coming from your air conditioner it may be an early warning signal that it needs more than repair, it needs to be replaced. It could be a simple as a worn drive belt or it could mean the motor bearing have failed.

Air conditioners, like all mechanical devices will eventually fail. When this happens the solution lies in the hands of an expert in air conditioning repair in Carol Stream.

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