How Owners Can Better Choose Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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Most employees enjoy working in a cozy environment because it makes it a lot easier for them to perform. This is one of the reasons Commercial Air Conditioning Systems are so important to business owners. However, these systems can be very expensive and difficult to maintain, which is why owners need to take their time before choosing one. The following are some of the types of units an owner should consider and what factors are important.

Choosing Between Single And Multi-Staged Units

The stage of a unit essentially refers to how many options are available for output. For instance, a single-stage unit only has an “on” option for keeping a building cool. In this case, the system would be turned on and air would blow to cool the building. These particular units are great for homes and certain smaller buildings.

Multi-stage units are typically found in larger commercial buildings. Because they have multiple stages, these units provide some cooling options. They are arguably much more versatile and more efficient than single-stage units. Multi-stage units are much more expensive than single-stage units as well.

The Right Size For The Right Job

One of the worst mistakes owners can make when choosing Commercial Air Conditioning Systems is choosing one that’s either too big or too small. Obviously, the size of a building will determine the size of a system that’ll be needed. Before making a purchase, it’s a good idea to have a professional air conditioning contractor measure the amount of square footage a workspace has.

The less space that needs to be cooled the smaller a unit needs to be. A unit that’s too small wouldn’t be sufficient for a very large building. On the other hand, a unit that’s too large could cause humidity problems after being installed.

Visit Website to talk with a professional contractor or representative about these options. Again, an owner will have the option of choosing a unit with a single cooling option or with multiple cooling options. The amount of space that needs to be cooled will determine how large or how powerful a unit a building will need. A contractor can measure the square footage of a workspace to determine the appropriate size of a unit. You can connect us at Linkedin.

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