Tripping Breakers: Reasons Why This Air Conditioning Repair in Bradenton FL May Be Happening

by | Oct 27, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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The HVAC system in a home is usually a bit of mystery to the residents who live there. All most people know is that when they need to cool down or heat up their residence, their HVAC unit is there to get the job done. There are a number of parts that make this system run efficiently. As time goes by, a homeowner will start to notice more and more problems with their HVAC unit. If a homeowner starts to notice that the breaker that powers their HVAC unit is tripping on a consistent basis, they will need to call in some help. The following are some of the reasons why this type of air conditioning repair in Bradenton FL may be happening.

Problems With the Blower Motors

One of the first things that will need to be checked when an HVAC breaker is tripping on a consistent basis is the blower motor. Over time, the wiring that powers the blower motor may begin to unravel and cause issues. If the wires have come off of the blower motor and are touching it could cause a number of shorts. A professional will be able to figure out what is wrong with the blower motor and either fix it or replace it.

Hard Starting Compressor

Among the most important parts of any HVAC system is the compressor. In some instances, the reason for a breaker tripping is a hard starting compressor. This is when the compressor will require a lot of energy to get going, which in turn will drain the supply of electricity being supplied by the breaker. There are kits made for these types of compressors. By calling in a professional, a homeowner will be able to get this kit installed and eliminate the breaker related issues they are facing.

Getting the right Air Conditioning Repair in Bradenton FL can only happen when a homeowner finds the best professionals in their area to work with. The team at Conditioned Air will be able to diagnose and fix the issues with a home’s HVAC unit in no time at all. Give them a call to get more information on the services they can offer.

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