Why It Is Important to Test Your Air Conditioning System for Its Efficiency

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Air Conditioning Contractors


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When you visit an air conditioning and heating fair, you will be able to discuss the way your air conditioning system works and ask why your bills have steadily been increasing over the past few years. They will probably explain, by informing you that dirt and grime will have been building up within the system and unless it is cleaned and checked regularly, it will gradually reduce its efficiency.

Why Ask for An Inspection?

You may have been cleaning the air filters regularly, but not carrying out regular maintenance work on the remainder of your system. The experts that you have met at the air conditioning and heating fair will explain that a scheduled program will bring engineers to your property. They will be able to test the efficiency of your air conditioning and heating system and make recommendations to improve its competence.

An inspector, or engineer, will test the efficiency of your equipment and will make suggestions for ways that you can improve the productivity of your A/C.

Should they find any faults, they will recommend the actions you need to take, and this may mean replacing parts, at your additional expense.

Once your system is running more efficiently again, the engineer will be able to show you how to reduce your air conditioning use, perhaps lowering the temperatures required for both the cooling of your property during the summer and heating your property during winter. This action will help reduce the burden on your system, lower your fuel bills and almost certainly ensure that your system works more efficiently and requires fewer repairs.

You should check with a variety of companies you meet at an air conditioning and heating fair, to see what each company includes in the inspection. You will need to know in advance whether they charge for the inspection or whether you can move directly to a scheduled maintenance program, where experts will visit and check your system once or twice a year, depending upon your specific requirements.

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