Keep That Home Cool With Reliable Residential Air Conditioning in Omaha NE

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning


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There are many ways to keep the living environment cool and comfortable. One of the most common of these is the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. An HVAC is a combined system that shares certain components such as the thermostat, air handler, and blower. Large comfort appliances like this usually come in two cabinets with the condensing unit located outside and the air exchanger and furnace installed inside. This setup allows for reliable Residential Air Conditioning in Omaha NE that quickly eliminates indoor heat.

Keeping the HVAC functioning properly requires regular cleaning and maintenance, especially if the air handler is placed in a dusty attic. One reason that the AC will require cleaning is moisture. Condensation is a normal side effect of refrigeration, and it occurs because of the rapid changes in temperature. Moisture becomes a problem when it mixes with the dust and dirt that slips past the filter. The resulting gunk can stick to the evaporator coil and reduce thermal transfer. Fixing this issue usually requires removing the coil and cleaning it in an acid bath.

Another type of Residential Air Conditioning in Omaha NE is the split or ductless system. A split AC comes in multiple pieces. The first is the condenser, and it also will be located outdoors. This allows the elimination of any accumulated heat collected by the refrigerant. Each condenser can supply up to eight evaporator units. Small units allow easy placement throughout the home and better air distribution. Split systems also have other advantages. One is the ability to control each blower separately. This can help reduce energy usage in those areas that require less cooling. Another is the capability of reversing the flow of refrigerant so the appliance can provide heat.

Installing or replacing a comfort system can involve a lot of work. Hiring experienced technicians such as those at Accurate Heating & Cooling ensures that the task is done right. This means they can verify that any existing air ducts are able to carry the treated air without leaking and that the unit is the proper size for the home. Browse the website to learn more about air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair.

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